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An embroidered badge is produced by stitching a design onto a base cloth , giving a textured finish and raised design effect, which gives depth to the design and an almost 3D appearance.

A custom embroidered badge is a great way to put your design or insignia on a garment without applying the decoration directly to the garment.

An embroidered badge that is heat applied to the front of a cap or shirt will look better than direct embroidery – the patch is sewn with no disruption from a garment seam and no need to worry about a curving surface. Plus, the heat transfer backing means no stitches run through to the inside of the garment!

This type of badge is the most common patch we make. Customers like the fact that they are quick and easy! From all walks of life, such as schools, sports institutions, government agencies, various organizations and associations, embroidered badges continue to be an integral part of uniforms and team wear.